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Jan 4, 2013
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Puppy Butt Trauma

So my cocker mix, Louie, was scootching around on the floor the other day and we have had problems before with his anal sacs/glands getting infected. The last time, it blew up. Yes, his butt blew up. He was on painkillers for a few days and was fine. This time, we caught it before it blew up and took him to the vet. The vet actually put Louie under anesthetic to cut open the gland, clean it out, and then cauterize it. (I know. I feel bad, too.)

To make things worse for poor Louie, his teeth were due for cleaning and since anesthetic is the worst part of that process for a dog, the vet cleaned his teeth, too. So Louie woke up to find he’d been violated at both ends.

Now Louie is taking antibiotics and pain killers. And Spike, the shih-tzu mix, takes Benadryl because he has allergies. Well, I guess he’s given Benadryl since he can’t read the medicine cabinet. Spike has gotten quite good at getting the pill loose from the cream cheese or whatever we give it to him in, so we have to make sure we don’t find the pill later on the floor. And the terrier mix, Maddie, has had back problems before, so she’s had pills previously, too. So everyone lines up when I open the cabinet where their pills are and I give Louie his pills wrapped in cream cheese and Maddie gets some cream cheese with no pill because she was traumatized getting shots and stuff (placebo effect) and Spike gets his Benadryl.

My daughter went to take her vitamin this morning. They’re in the same cabinet…she turned around and all three puppies were lined up and waiting. I have a house full of tiny crack whores.