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Mar 21, 2013
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Fun Things to Do This Spring

Going a little stir crazy. Came up with some ideas for things to do as it gets warmer:

1. Put together a picnic and head to the zoo. You can either make your own meal or get an order to go from your fave restaurant. Pick a table at the zoo and enjoy the environment as well as each others’ company.

2. Take some cookies or other treats to a retirement home and ask the residents to share their favorite memories of springtime or of when they were in school. That way you can brighten someone else’s day, too.

3. For another outdoorsy idea, pack your favorite treats and head to the park or somewhere with a great view to watch the sunset. Or, if you’re an early riser, pack breakfast stuff like coffee or hot chocolate and homemade muffins and watch the sun rise together.

4. Go to a local garden shop and check out all the cool flowers. If you’re really in the mood, buy some and brighten up your yard.

5. Come up with a treasure hunt for your kids or your significant other. Make eight or ten cards with instructions and have a treat, dinner, or something fun at the end. You can do a small one in your house or apartment or you can spread it out and leave cards at spots around your neighborhood and enjoy the spring weather at the same time.